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Milford Sound Heli-Cruise-Heli

Date: August 23rd, 2022, Posted by marketing


  • Bird’s eye view of Milford Sound
  • Land and cruise Milford Sound on a boat
  • Alpine landing in Fiordland

It’s all about perspective. Sometimes you want to see it all from the top, taking in all the majesty of the terrain below. But sometimes you want to stand at the bottom of it all, looking up and marvelling at the power of it. This trip gives you both. 

Starting in Queenstown, you fly over the Richardson Mountain Range, making a beeline for the West Coast. Together we crest endless alpine peaks, careen down forest-lined valleys, and soar across alpine lakes, with a landing that will take your breath away.

Breaking through the formidable alps, Milford Sound appears in all her perfectly stated glory. You’ll understand why this area is so famous as we glide past the crown jewel  – Mitre Peak. 

We land here, allowing you to swap from a bird’s eye view to the dolphin’s view! Joining one of our Cruise Partners,you’ll glide along the water, feeling small beneath the behemoth cliffs framing the fjord. The cruise will take you up close and personal to the Hanging Gardens, Fairy Falls and Stirling Falls. And if you’re lucky you’ll meet some of the locals – Fur Seals, dolphins and the rare Fiordland Crested Penguin (spring/early summer).

After the cruise you’re back in the chopper for a stunning ride home.

Private Charter Pricing

We have private charter rates available for our Squirrel helicopters, our twin-engine Squirrels and our 9-seater BK. Charters are a great option for bigger groups, or if you would like a more intimate experience.

Find out more about our fleet here.

  • Squirrel (up to 6 passengers depending on weights): $5,500.00
  • Twin-engine Squirrel (up to 6 passengers depending on weights): $6,600.00
  • BK (up to 9 passengers depending on weights): $8,800.00

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Lunch at The Cloudy Bay Shed

Date: November 3rd, 2021, Posted by marketing

Take a scenic helicopter over the Central Otago Wine Region:


  • A unique helicopter tour that combines wine and views!
  • Includes a landing, wine tasting and lunch at The Cloudy Bay Shed
  • An additional scenic mountain landing

In conjunction with Cloudy Bay, enjoy a scenic helicopter flight in the picturesque Central Otago wine region before landing at The Cloudy Bay Shed for a wine tasting and lunch. You will also enjoy an additional scenic Queenstown helicopter landing high up on the Remarkables Mountain Range for dramatic views overlooking Queenstown.

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Drinks and platters in the Earnslaw Burn

Date: October 27th, 2021, Posted by marketing

  • Experience the incredible Earnslaw Burn
  • Enjoy platters and drinks on the valley floor beneath the waterfalls
  • See the blue ice of the hanging glacier
  • Land on Mt Alfred on the way back to Queenstown

Depart Queenstown and fly over Skippers Canyon towards our exclusive landing location, the Earnslaw Burn. Land at this spectacular location for platters and drinks with your team, and take the time to explore the waterfalls spilling down the valley walls and the Earnslaw Glacier towering above.

After platters and drinks, get a close up of the blue ice crevasse on Earnslaw Glacier on the way to Mt Alfred for one last landing before heading back to Queenstown.

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Russ Harris

Date: May 12th, 2021, Posted by marketing

Russ has been flying helicopters for 20 years. This extensive experience has been gained here in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. He has also held the position of Base Manager in Canada. Russ boasts over 7500+ flying hours.

He has a wealth of experience in both passenger service and commercial long lining work. Russ was our main pilot working with the NCTIR team involved in the Coast Road rebuild following the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake. Much of the slips covering the road needed to be sliuced by helicopter with 100ft long-lines and fire buckets. Russ alone dropped over 15 million litres of water over his 20 months on the job as well as laying 300m long mesh with by helicopter! 

When Russ is not flying he spends time with his wife Lisa and two children in Kaikoura. He also enjoys hunting and diving.

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Philip Rive

Date: April 12th, 2021, Posted by marketing

Philip was born and raised on Halfway Bay Station. In more recent years, Philip has been running the neighbouring Station, Cecil Peak. Philip is a local who knows the land well, has extensive knowledge of the area and its history. He has plenty of stories to share with visitors. Philip has accumulated 1,600+ hours in the sky.

Philip starting out flying when mustering on farms around Central Otago. During this time he found a true passion for flying helicopters. A man of multiple flying skills, which include fencing gear drop offs in remote locations, frost fighting, cherry crop drying and helisking. Scenic flights are a favourite with the reactions from visitors. Philip is one of our casual pilots but he can always be relied on when the extra demand is there to fly. 

In Philip’s spare time you’ll find him reading, watching movies, spending time with his family and telling endless stories.

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Eric Scott

Date: March 12th, 2021, Posted by marketing

Eric is a true local. Born and bred in Glenorchy with his family having a long history with the area you can be sure to hear many stories. He also knows the best spots!

Eric has accumulated 2,500+ hours of flying in the New Zealand skies. He has been involved in a variety of work; mustering, wild animal recovery and culling, long-lining, charter and scenic work, sluicing, aerial photography and filming, fencing, frost fighting, general commercial work and heli-skiing.

Away from working as a helicopter pilot, Eric will be on the farm, hunting in the hills, tinkering with machinery and metal work, and seeing his partner Steph and daughter, Miller.

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Phil Casey

Date: February 12th, 2021, Posted by marketing

Phil began flying commercially in this area in 2003. The first four years were in aeroplanes before he transitioned into helicopters. Once in helicopters there was no going back.

Phil has flown throughout the South Island so he knows a thing or two about where some of the most amazing places are to explore. Further afield, Phil spent two years flying in Fiji and Papua New Guinea. Scenic flights aren’t the only aviation skill Phil has. He has accumulated 6000+ hours doing a variety of work including Scenic flights, Transfers, Medivacs, Lifting, Heliskiing, Instructing and Night Ops. 

Whilst Phil enjoys all flying, operating amongst the Southern Alps and Fiordland would be his top pick.

Outside working life you will find Phil exploring the region diving, fishing and hunting

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Nick Nicholson

Date: January 12th, 2021, Posted by marketing

Nick is our CEO & Chief Pilot. He has over 20 years experience and 7200+ flying hours in helicopters. He has specialised in Heli-skiing, Search and Rescue, Aerial Fire Fighting and Commercial Precision Long-Lining.

A family man, Nick grew up in Te Anau and has spent the majority of his flying career in the mountains of Southern New Zealand and Alaska.

Nick’s loves sharing his intimate knowledge of flying and the mountains of Fiordland and the Southern Lakes region with visitors to the region.

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Nick Nicholson



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