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Our Helicopter Fleet


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Our Helicopter Fleet

Heliworks Queenstown operates a modern fleet of helicopters. Below is an overview of our fleet.

Twin Engine Fleet

We are the only operator in Queenstown with twin-engine helicopters on fleet. We have three options available, two 6 seater Squirrels and a 9 seater BK helicopter.

EUROCOPTER AS355 NP (6 seater twin-engine ‘Squirrel’)

EUROCOPTER AS355 F1 (6 seater twin-engine ‘Squirrel’)

Kawasaki BK117 (9 seater twin-engine)

Coupled with the security of two engines the BK117 and AS355 range of helicopters can be single or dual crewed which makes them the leading machines for jobs such as human sling operations, low-level operations, urban interface firefighting and electrical / power line work.

Produced by Airbus Helicopters, the AS355NP has high-performance and reliability credentials that make it an extremely diverse machine. This helicopter was added to our fleet in April 2021, and is the only one in the South Island.

With two Turbomeca Arrius 1A1 engines, each with a rated power of 415kW, it still provides exceptional (OEI) single engine performance. The NP has maximum flight speeds of 278km/h and load capacity of 999kg internally and up to 1100kg on the cargo sling.

The larger MBB produced BK117-B2 twin engine helicopter provides seating for up to nine passengers (4 seat VIP configuration also available) and a lifting capacity of up to 1200kg.

Both the AS355 range and the BK117 have front seat passenger transmit capability, cargo pod and locker availability, forward facing passenger seats and low vibration in the cockpit.

AS350 B3 & B2 Fleet

AS350 B3 / B2s are renowned for their versatility. They have the ability to provide luxury passenger services with spacious unparalleled viewing, whilst also being commercial work-horses with capabilities unmatched by any other single engine aircraft in their category.

ZK – ITM ‘The Raptor’
EUROCOPTER AS350 B3 (6 seater ‘Squirrel’)

EUROCOPTER AS350 B3 (6 seater ‘Squirrel’)

EUROCOPTER AS350 B3 (6 seater ‘Squirrel’)

EUROCOPTER AS350 B2 (6 seater ‘Squirrel’)

EUROCOPTER AS350 B2 (6 seater ‘Squirrel’)

MD500 Notar Fleet

NOTAR-equipped helicopters are among the quietest certified helicopters available. They are perfect for scenic charters, and small commercial jobs with a hook capability of 500kg.

MD500 Notar (3-4 seater)

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