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Earnslaw Burn

26th August 2022 - Earnslaw Burn Express

Earnslaw Burn Express

This location was made famous by LOTR/The Hobbit and featured on TV’s Travel Guides. Only Heliworks can take you here!

25th August 2022 - Earnslaw Burn Picnic

Earnslaw Burn Picnic

Picture this: Mt Earnslaw Glacier towers above you, the air tastes crisp and fresh, the sun sparkles off the white snow, and the flow of waterfalls serenades you – it’s a picnic like no other.

24th August 2022 - Earnslaw Burn Explorer

Earnslaw Burn Explorer

This incredible helicopter experience takes you to our exclusive landing site – the mighty Earnslaw Burn and one other incredible landing location.

Earnslaw Burn Explorer

  Adult $960 | Child $675   75 mins   2 - Scenic Landings


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