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Commercial Helicopter Projects

Commercial Helicopter Projects

Heliworks undertake all aspects of industrial and commercial helicopter work:

Heliworks provides a wealth of knowledge and experience in most types of commercial helicopter work:

  • Our helicopters are capable of lifting up to 1 tonnes.
  • Electric remote hooks and ground-to-air radios available as required.
  • We can also use remote-controlled electric down-lines, which offer a safer operation and quicker turnaround.
  • We are fully equipped with fire fighting equipment, including up to 1100 litre monsoon buckets with foam units.
  • Most of our pilots have high altitude long line experience in places like Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Canada. Working with mining and oil and gas exploration industries.
  • We are NVG (Night Vision Goggle) capable for Search and Rescue operations.

Examples of commercial helicopter work undertaken:

  • Geophysical Survey work – attached stinger aeromag, bird towing, and ETEM loop towing
  • Avalanche Control – reconnaissance, equipment & personnel transport and aerial bombing
  • Search and Rescue including winch and long line recovery
  • Coastal & Alpine Heli-transportation – personnel, supplies, equipment
  • Industrial Lifting – buildings, vehicles, boats, concrete, equipment
  • Aerial support for hunters, fishermen, recreational National Park users
  • Rock and land slip clearance
  • Fire fighting with monsoon bucket
  • Supply drops
  • Tourism Industry support – Promotional filming, transport for guided Heli-fishing, Heli-hunting & Heli-hiking
  • Field work for NZ Department of Conservation
    – Track & Hut Maintenance
    – Auckland & Enderby Islands transport and supply drop
    – Scientific Research support
  • Transport and heavy lifting for International Tunnelling Project
  • Media transport and aerial photographic projects
  • Telephone and Radio Communications – alpine sites maintenance support
  • Forestry Industry Support – transport & supplies, Heli-logging

Please contact us on info@heliworks.co.nz  for detailed information on the commercial helicopter services we provide.

Queenstown 0800 464 354